Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen

No need to read any instructions. Or study up on its science or history. Call it punk, indie or R&B. Or rock 'n roll, techno or hip hop. Heavy metal or small “h” small “r” hard rock. It's all music. And from time to time, a song, a chord, a beat, a syllable hits you especially hard. Like plugging your wet finger into a wall socket. And Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen that jolt of electricity freeze- frames the moment. And everything in it, the moon, the girl, the kiss, the boy, the car, the band, the song, the year, glow, maybe forever. So for you? It's about finding more of that. And for us? It's about being there. Whenever, wherever, to plug you in. Located in the famed Mission Hills area, Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen is the first of its kind to arrive in Mainland China. And, in true Hard Rock fashion, we've done it in style, combining modern Chinese architecture with our signature world-class service to deliver a lavish experience like no other hotel in Shenzhen. Strap in. We're here to exceed expectations and have fun doing it. Book an all-access pass to the center stage of luxury and see everything a Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen like ours has to offer. Stunning views, wall-to-wall luxury, and legendary amenities take your vacation or business trip to the next level with 258 extravagant guestrooms and suites located in the heart of Shenzhen Whether it's an adults-only escape or world tour with the family, we've got the goods to make the most of your getaway in Shenzhen. From thrilling amenities to spacious guestrooms, this is the good life. And we act like it.


  • 848B613AF2B3714E:这家酒店露台游泳池小孩们特喜欢,周边也可体验一下高尔夫球,真是周末放松好去处!
  • 麼麽静茶:帮国外客户预订,喜欢的不的了。。。。。。。。。。。。。
  • 会员500304:入住環境還可以,就是 入住時間太不人性化。
  • 会员667428:房間好大,裝潢有設計感,可以租個結他在房間裡面彈,第一次有這種服務!


Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen

  • Address :  No.9 ,Mission Hills Road , Longhua District ,Shenzhen, China

  • Reserve :  +8620-8600 9099 (CouponCode:76487)
    Busy or no answer, online booking please!

  • Foreground Tel: 0755-33952888
      (Catering Entertainment)

Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen reserve:400 862 8088 (CouponCode:76487) Busy or no answer, online booking please!
Catering Entertainment:0755-33952888   Meeting room reserve

Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen address: No.9 ,Mission Hills Road , Longhua District ,Shenzhen, China

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